Neutral calendar – a call for religion tolerance and harmony between science and religion, in the name of achieving Universal Peace on the planet!

  This section is dedicated to the name of the 12 months of the Neutral calendar, dedicated to the Central personalities of the world’s religions, philosophers and thinkers of antiquity. A similar approach with the names of famous figures of past centuries has already been used in the project of the calendar of A. Comte. The purpose of this approach to naming months is determined by the desire to create a neutral consolidating platform to strengthen religious tolerance in our multicultural society and achieve Universal peace on the planet. Popularization of the project “Neutral2006”, and subsequently the calendar reform in favor of a Neutral calendar, is an essential condition for achieving this universal, God-Pleasing goal.
    In the process of studying world religions, a chronological cycle was formed, called the “Historical cycle of Adam and Eve”, which reveals the kinship relationship between the Abrahamic creeds (the so-called religion of the book). This cycle, like alpha and omega, proceeds from the biblical creation of the “material world” and the biblical progenitors of mankind-Adam and Eve, through the centuries-old historical path of “knowledge of good and evil” and the formation of the” spiritual world”, to the crown of Divine Providence – the restored Adam and Eve.
      Supporters of the Neutral calendar are convinced that the stabilization of international relations in the third Millennium will begin with a constructive world-creating dialogue between representatives of traditional world religions and, first of all, between the young confessions of the “Historical cycle of Adam and Eve”, namely, between the Universal House of Justice and the for Universal Peace Federation.

It should be noted that the purpose of studying the ” Historical cycle of Adam and Eve” is the intention to reveal the world-creating potential of this “cycle” in the historical relationship of related religions. It should be emphasized that the project is not aimed at generalizing different cultures; the project stands for maintaining the purity of spiritual and moral values and observing the main commandments within its traditional culture. The diversity of cultures is ordained by God from above, in the name of achieving Universal peace and is intended to transform our Spiritual world, and not to serve as an occasion for inappropriate discord in the modern world.

    The content of the historical cycle does not affect the internal structure and parameters of the calendar, so this presentation does not initially aim to delve into the issues of theology and theosophy. The project is aimed at supporting the priority goals of the Millennium related to environmental, economic, and peacekeeping issues, aimed at the systematic development of harmonious interfaith relations based on universal values. Supporters of a Neutral calendar around the world are called upon, with the support of the UN and other constructive forces, to help achieve these goals by popularizing the “NC” throughout the world.


In the process of working on the NC project, the so-called “etiquette of religion toleration” was formed, which is rooted in the meaning of tolerance in the UN definition. In accordance with the Declaration of principles on tolerance (UNESCO, 1995), tolerance is defined as follows: “value and social norm of civil society, manifested in the right of all individuals of civil society to be sustainable harmony between confessions, political, ethnic and other social groups, respect for the diversity of various world cultures, civilizations and peoples willingness to understand and cooperate with people differing in appearance, language, beliefs, customs and values.”
      Characteristics of the definition of tolerance in the preamble of the UN Charter (international Treaty of June 26, 1945, city of San Francisco) it sounds like this: “show tolerance and live together in peace with each other as good neighbors.” 

      The project “Neutral” has a separate name for the months, which gives it an international status.

 12 months name of the Neutral calendar

    As follows from the above table, due to the disproportionate distribution of the number of days in the months, there is an inappropriate rush of the Gregorian calendar in the spring and summer months of the year. Fortunately, in the autumn and winter months of the year (6 months in order), the dates when these styles are compared in parallel coincide one in one. As mentioned in the previous section, the name of the months “Neutral2006”, in addition to the peacemaking factor, has a very important practical advantage, since projects with the classic name of the months will cause confusion between styles in the process of systematic implementation of the calendar reform. Supporters of “NC” are sure that this project hides an endless and yet unexplored potential, and systematic work in this direction will give positive results and serve for the benefit of contemporaries and all future generations.

Explanation of the ” Historical cycle of Adam and Eve»

    The table of this cycle is compiled in chronological order, according to the historical seniority of the creeds. As already mentioned earlier, in its compilation, in addition to the well – known kinship of the Abrahamic creeds, a logical orientation is revealed, which is based on the “Holy land”, then through the next “spiritual elements” to the “Holy sun” and as the culmination of this story to the crown of God’s Providence-Adam and Eve.

     The literal interpretation of the biblical creation of the world is well known and suits a certain part of humanity. As for the hidden (allegorical) approach to the biblical texts, many people think it is more acceptable and attractive, and therefore has a natural right to exist.
    In the third Millennium, even school children know that the origin of human civilization was not 6 thousand years ago, and is estimated in millions of years before our era. The formation of the solar system and our planet in General is estimated in billions of years. So why does the biblical creation of the world, which took place in about six thousand years ago, still stand at the forefront of all Abrahamic creeds? This is because this text contains the secret of the Creator’s Providence, the Divine plan, and his intentions towards humanity as the crown of his creation.
  Let’s talk about the secret approach to the biblical (six-day) creation of the world. From the point of view of the innermost meaning, this event is God’s guidance, according to which, through His Messengers, a “spiritual world” was erected for humanity. At first glance, the ~six thousand-year history of the creation of the “spiritual world”, successively from the “Holy land” to the “Holy Sun of Truth”, may seem untenable, but analyzing the features of religions that have roots from the biblical Adam and Eve, begins to find a logical, world-creating basis. Applying a hidden approach to the original biblical events, it is possible to understand how modern humanity, overcoming the era of “knowledge of good and evil”, becomes possible to reach the “tree of life” and in the coming Millennium, strive for Universal Peace and divine world order.

      Without going into historical details, it follows that the process of recovery after a biblical sin begins with the family of Noah.

Then comes the regenerative process of the genus of Abraham. Further, the Prophet Moses leads the people of Israel from Egyptian captivity to the “Holy Land” of the Promised. Gospel events related to John the Baptist and the baptism of water in the Jordan River indicate the sequence of the “historical cycle” to the level of “Holy Water on Earth”. While imprisoned, John questioned the mission of Jesus Christ, but Jesus himself, in a speech with his disciples, determined the meaning of John more than a prophet (Matt.11). 


       Since at the creation of the world the Creator separated the water from the water, and the firmament in the middle of the water called the sky, the water that is in the sky is clouds. Delving into the inner meaning of the “historical cycle” and biblical narratives, one can comprehend the walk of Jesus Christ on water and ascension on a cloud (although the properties of water are a great mystery, which has not yet been fully solved by science).

 Only by applying an allegorical approach, it is possible to comprehend how the Prophet was able to cut down the Moon with a saber (one of the beliefs preserved in Islam). Allegorically, this may mean that the mission of raising the “spiritual world” to the level of the “Holy Moon in Heaven” was overcome by the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon Him). A person dedicated to Islam will see in the rituals of this creed a spiritual sequence, from the “Holy Land”, the “Holy Water” to the “Holy Heaven.” Probably, therefore, the believer before prayer, in the absence of water, is instructed to do the cleansing with pure earth, sand. But mainly, the Prophet pointed believers to the heart. It is well known that the Prophet Mohammed defined his mission by serving Allah, therefore, urging people to worship the Creator, He asked not to exalt the name of the Prophet himself, using the title “Abdullah Rasul Allah” in his address to Him, which literally means “Servant of Allah and His Messenger”. The month “Abdullah” of “Neutral” corresponds to the eighth month of the year and is dedicated to the Prophet Muhammad.

  The personality of the Bab, who is the Forerunner of Baha’u’llah, is followed by the followers of the Bahá’í creed with the personality of John the Baptist, the Forerunner of Jesus Christ, with the difference that this could be the next level of the “Historical Cycle” – “Holy Water in Heaven”. Bab the Forerunner was executed by the authorities for his sermons.

In his writings, Baha’u’llah says: “I came in the shadow of the clouds of glory, and God is endowed with dominion invincible.” He explains that each of God’s Messengers comes to people with their specific mission, illuminating humanity with the Sun of Truth. The tenth month of the year in the Neutral calendar is dedicated to the personality of Baha’u’llah.

In many countries of the world there are beautiful Bahai temples, and in the Holy Land, in the city of Haifa, on the slope of Mount Carmel, is the Universal House of Justice, which is the coordinating center of this dogma. “UNESCO has added the Bahá’í World Center to the World Heritage Register. Thus, the Bahá’í gardens in Haifa and Badji became the first landmarks in the UNESCO registry that are associated with the religious traditions that emerged in the modern period of history ” (from the pages of Wikipedia). Like traditional religions, this creed has fundamental principles of faith and its own special calendar.

  Covert over time always becomes apparent and for the centuries-old historical process, the best way to state a true goal – is to use a hidden meaning. As a result, modern humanity has a “spiritual world” in a complete order, in which there is a “Holy Land”; “Holy water on earth”; “Holy Moon”; “Holy Water in Heaven” – clouds; “The Holy Sun of Truth.”

The culmination of God’s work after the creation of the “Spiritual world” for humanity is the crown of God’s Providence – the True Adam and his spouse-the True Eve. According to the divine Principle, Dr. Moon and gaspoja Moon, after the fall of the biblical progenitors of mankind, are the coming of the restored, that is, True Parents, after which a new era of the Completed Covenant is gradually beginning.

   From Wikipedia. “The book of the Divine Principle is an unprecedented new outlook, a new cosmology, a new outlook on life, a new outlook on conduct and history. It is an integrated Principle, which includes all religions, doctrines and philosophical principles, while maintaining the unique characteristics of each. ” Doing everything to overcome the barriers between religions, Dr. Moon, in his appeals to the whole world, says: “God does not see the differences between denominations and does not participate in minor disputes regarding this or that doctrine. The great heart of God does not distinguish people by nationality and race, and for Him there are no boundaries between states and cultures”.

Each Messenger of God came with a mission to gradually prepare our world for civilized coexistence. Every traditional religion calls for virtue, love and charity, and the mission of God’s Messengers is certainly a peacemaking activity, no matter how radical people distort the religion

  Divine Providence contains a peacemaking plan, the main idea of which is to strengthen religious tolerance and establish a harmonious relationship between established faiths that appeal to virtue and charity. Based on the above, it should be concluded that the purpose of the Divine conduct is to bring the long — awaited harmony to the “Spiritual world” of humanity at the time when the “Historical cycle of Adam and Eve” comes to its logical conclusion.

  All this is connected to a certain extent with theosophy, so it is preferable not to delve into this specific area of knowledge, but to exclude the hidden interpretation of the biblical story would be unwise, and only time can judge the validity of such a judgment. Modern humanity, even if divided into different faiths, is sufficiently enlightened to comprehend the course of the historical process. I would also like to draw the attention of our contemporaries to the incredible efforts and sacrifices at every stage of the “historical cycle” that were made to build a “Spiritual world” for all modern humanity.

Buddhism is a religious and philosophical teaching about spiritual awakening that arose in the middle of the 1st Millennium BC in Ancient India. The founder of the teaching is considered to be Siddhartha Gautama, who later received the name of Buddha Shakyamuni. The followers of this teaching themselves called it “Dharma”or “Buddhadharma”. Wikipedia





Hinduism is a monotheistic religion whose followers believe that God manifests himself in various forms. Wikipedia







Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest religions, originating in the revelation of the prophet Spitama Zarathustra, received by him from the God Ahura Mazda. Zarathustra’s teaching is based on a free moral choice of good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. Wikipedia



Confucius is an ancient thinker and philosopher of China.
He traveled a lot in the lands of China. His teachings had a profound impact on the life of China and East Asia, becoming the basis of the system known as Confucianism.
  The worldview of the great Chinese thinker was based on questions of morality, personal and social. Confucius taught the rules of human relations in society, justice and equality.


Socrates is an ancient Greek philosopher whose teaching marks a turn in philosophy-from the consideration of nature and the world to the consideration of man and to his own philosophical theory. His work opened a new channel in the development of ancient philosophy. With his method of analyzing concepts and identifying the positive qualities of a person with his knowledge, he directed the attention of philosophers not only to the importance of the human personality, but also to the development of theoretical knowledge as the leading form of independent thinking. Socrates is called the first philosopher in the proper sense of the word. In the person of Socrates, philosophic thinking turns for the first time to itself, exploring its own principles and techniques. Wikipedia


  At the present stage of history, Thanks to the rise of scientific and technological progress, it is possible to build bridges of understanding between representatives of different cultures.
    In conclusion, we must say that the harmony between science and religion in the coming Millennium should reach its apogee. It is hoped that common sense will overcome all prejudices in order to achieve this goal.
    For each of the above-mentioned religions, you can find enough information on the pages of Wikipedia-but for an uninformed circle of readers, here are excerpts concerning the young creeds of the “Historical cycle of Adam and Eve”.


     Its founder, bahá’u’lláh (1817-1892), is revered as the last in a series of “Appearances of God”, which, in addition to bahá’u’lláh, includes Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Zarathustra, Krishna, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, and Bab (the forerunner of bahá’u’lláh). The world center is located in Haifa. The Baha’i teachings are based on the teachings of Baba and Mirza Husayn Ali (who called himself Baha’u’llah). The main themes are the unity of God, the unity of religions and the unity of humanity. Recalling similar teachings of previous appearances of God, bahá’u’lláh States that there is only one religion — “the unchangeable faith of God, eternal in the past, eternal in the future”, just as in the Qur’an “Islam” is called any religion of revelation.
      The ” historical cycle of Adam and eve “is a centuries – old process that contains a sequence of traditional creeds related to the so-called” religions of the Book”, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the Baha’i faith.   “The international Baha’i community is recognized by the UN as a non-governmental organization with consultative status. It is accredited to the UN Economic and Social Council and the international organization for children, UNICEF, and cooperates with these organizations in many areas.”
    Baha’i, being a young religion, consisting in chronological order of the “historical cycle of Adam and eve”, encompasses all the previous traditional world creeds, namely: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, which are counted among the Abrahamic “religions of the Book”, as well as along with them covers Buddhism, Hinduism and Zoroastrianism.


    Let’s take a closer look at the youngest denomination, in the sequence of the “Historical cycle of Adam and Eve”, which was founded by Moon Song Myung in the last century.


The for Universal Peace Federation is a non-governmental organization formed by Moon Son Men in 2005 in new York, with consultative status with the UN ECOSOC. The organization is known for its international League of peace ambassadors of 100,000 dignitaries around the world who are in search of true peace and universal spiritual prosperity. According to the official UN website, the for Universal Peace Federation is a worldwide Union of organizations and individuals dedicated to building a world of peace in which all people, without exception, can live in freedom and harmonious coexistence. The Federation for Universal peace conducts middle East peace initiatives aimed at reconciling Jews, Christians and Muslims.
      In 1975, Moon Son Myung created the international Fund for aid and friendship – a Fund that conducts programs to implement the Millennium Goals in the middle East, Haiti, and African countries. In 1992, Ms. Moon founded an affiliated organization, the Federation of women for world peace,and toured many countries.
      The thorny path that Reverend Moon Sung Myung and Mrs. Moon went through is a high example of selflessness for contemporaries and future generations.


               What does it mean to be A supporter of a “Neutral” calendar?

Every peaceful person who cares about the future of our descendants can be a supporter of a Neutral calendar. This can be representatives of various faiths, both of the Abrahamic persuasion, and representatives of other cultures, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, and other peace-loving faiths. The participation of people who are undecided in matters of religion is also welcome, if this circumstance does not prevent them from being moderately peaceful, since in the community of supporters of the NK, this quality is considered a priority in a person. Participation of NC Supporters in the calendar project is not binding. By promoting the Neutral calendar, You promote the spirit of religious tolerance as the state of mind and soul of the people of the new era. The promotion of NC is a modest effort that You can make in the name of achieving a peaceful life for our future descendants. There is no doubt that with your participation , civilized life on Earth in the new Millennium will come relatively faster!
Download the calendar gadget that is available on our website to your desktop or phone. Help your family, friends, and acquaintances install this calendar. In this way, the NC will be popularized, which means its spread and progression. The progression you created is proportional to Your contribution to the cause of peace on Earth! Active supporters of NC, contribute to the progression of the calendar on an ongoing basis.

Author of the project ” NC” – Adam Svetly
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