In the current millennium, a World Neutral Calendar will be introduced!

The project does not carry out any missionary activity on behalf of any religious Association, nor is it aimed at spreading information about any faith, using mainly materials from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The project does not aim to involve people in any religious Association, but rather to strengthen religious tolerance between people of different faiths. In the name of the months of the Neutral calendar, along with the Central personalities of world religions, such as Buddha, Krishna, Zoroaster, thinkers and philosophers of antiquity, such as Socrates and Confucius, occupy a worthy place.

The need for a broad application of the international universal calendar has been discussed at the UN level for several decades, but a final decision has not yet been made. The draft reform of the modern calendar was discussed in the 30s of the XX century by a special Commission under the League of Nations. The second world war suspended the study of this issue. For the second time, at the initiative of India, the draft calendar reform was discussed at the 21st session of the UN Economic Council in April-may 1956. In India, due to the former colonial and religious divisions, there were more than 30 different local calendar systems until 1957. This circumstance caused all-round inconvenience to the Republic of India, as a single state body. As for the structure of all calendar projects submitted to the UN, the best of them was recognized as the project "Y2K" (Millennium), which in the middle of the last century was proposed by the world calendar Association - TWCA, but at the insistence of the Roman Catholic Church, this project was postponed. The question was postponed with the wording: "If there are serious reasons for reform, motivated by the demands of the economic and social life of the peoples of the world, the Catholic Church will not cause obstacles [to the reform]... it is further explained that the Church does not object only to such calendars, in which "the sequence of weeks is not disturbed, unless very good reasons suddenly appear, on which the Apostolic See must have a judgment." According to the Catholic Church, the calendar reform should be determined by the trend of time, that is, the appearance of good reasons and, of course, the presence of an optimal draft calendar. These conditions for the implementation of calendar reform at this stage of our history have developed to the appropriate extent. According to independent experts, the parameters of the "Neutral 2006" project under discussion are currently the most promising and appropriate for the upcoming calendar reform, and the name of the months will establish a culture of religious tolerance, contributing to Universal peace between peoples. Supporters of a Neutral calendar seek to join forces with TWCA, with all the world's faiths and the scientific world in favor of introducing a universal calendar, without canceling traditional calendars. Supporters of the introduction of a Neutral calendar are representatives of different religions and cultures who want to live in one world and harmony. A reasonable question arises: what is the connection between the introduction of a Neutral calendar and the future well-being of mankind, and why is it becoming vital for us to introduce a neutral system of chronology? It is difficult to understand this immediately, but if you are patient and get acquainted with the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve" and the calendar project as a whole, You will discover a new worldview that will answer many questions of our existence and make an invaluable contribution to the positive process of interreligious relations. Can say with full confidence that the Neutral calendar is the result of God's Providence and the culmination of the" Historical cycle of Adam and Eve", and now You can fully contemplate all the stages of this "cycle" (the optimal zoom level for viewing is 80-90%).

Most people have heard of the Divine six-day creation of the "material world", but the visual table of the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve" shows how, like this biblical narrative, the" Spiritual world " was erected for humanity over the course of six thousand years. By now, the world's religions of this "cycle" are fully formed, but they are still in a disjointed state. From the point of view of today, it becomes obvious that the Divine origin and purpose of traditional religions is a historical sequential movement towards Universal Peace. It is obvious that the time has come for the final stage of God's Providence, which provides for a peacemaking dialogue between representatives of all world faiths. This is a responsible and difficult stage in our history, because every religion is zealous for other faiths, and the final stage provides for an inter-religious, peacemaking dialogue. The neutral calendar was undoubtedly created by the will of God, in the name of strengthening religious tolerance between traditional religions and achieving Universal peace among peoples. It is important for us, modern people, to realize that a Neutral calendar will become a reliable intermediary between the traditional religions and cultures of the peoples of the world, thus ensuring a secure future for our descendants for centuries. No modern sane person would want their grandchildren or great-grandchildren to live in chaos and disorder, so why don't we make our modest efforts to promote this calendar peace project, for the sake of the well-being of our descendants. Representatives of the for Universal Peace Federation, the Universal House of Justice, representatives of the Great world of Islam, the Great Christian world, the world Community of Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, representatives of all peaceful religions, as well as the best representatives of the scientific world, are called to support the peacekeeping calendar project "Neutral2006". Supporters of a Neutral calendar should do everything possible to ensure that this peacemaking dialogue between representatives of all religions takes place, since they are the ones mentioned in the Holy Scripture: "By Their works, ye shall know Them, "and it is also said,"the Peacemakers shall be called the children of God."

The еffective way to promote and progress the Neutral calendar around the world is to use modern technologies. At the moment, the Neutral calendar is available as a gadget that can be downloaded on our website (in the future will be implemented a different version for touch phones, smartphones, and other mobile applications, the samples shown in the section "to download the gadget"). Explaining the prospects of a Neutral calendar to your family, friends, and co - religionists, help install this gadget-calendar on your friends personal computer (in the future inmobile phone). In this simple way, the supporters of the Neutral calendar make an invaluable and important contribution to the popularization of the NC, and therefore to Universal Peace on the planet.

It should be emphasized that the popularization and systematic implementation of The world Neutral calendar does not mean the abolition of age-old traditional calendars of various religions and cultures. These age-old calendars will continue to serve their traditional purposes. We are talking about the additional introduction of an auxiliary calendar that can improve the life of civil society in the rapidly developing era of scientific and technological progress. It is necessary to explain in more detail the prospects of a Neutral calendar, for a wide range of readers (for more information, see the page / NC parameters).

Humanity is entering a new era with the hope of achieving Universal and balanced Peace among the peoples of the entire Earth. Universal Peace between peoples of different faiths will take place, but it presupposes a culture of religious tolerance, as well as the presence of a neutral consolidating platform. The Neutral calendar, whose month names are interlinked with traditional religions and cultures of the world's peoples, is intended to become a neutral, mediation platform that strengthens religious tolerance and Peace on the planet. The reasons for the emerging threats of the third Millennium lie precisely in the dissociation of representatives of world religions and, first of all, between the Universal House of Justice (Haifa) and the Universal Peace Federation (new York), which historically need to build bridges of trust and understanding, as representatives of the world's youngest religions. Of course, in the future, representatives of the world's older religions will join this peace process and extend a hand of religious solidarity. When responsible representatives of the world's religions address each other with a fraternal sense of religious tolerance, then ordinary believers will follow this exemplary example. We can say with full confidence that the future well-being of the planet, the fate of our descendants and future generations will depend on this peace-building process. In this dialogue between fraternal religions, the story of the biblical brothers Cain and Abel will be instructive, when the elder brother-Cain kills the younger one because God became pleased with the offering of the younger-Abel. But in the case of the biblical brothers Esau and Jacob, after a long confrontation the older brother, peace eventually reigned between them. All this is written in the Bible for a reason, and for the edification of future generations, that is, all of us. It is clear as day that only in a stable world, joint, coordinated actions can cope with any problems and threats of the Millennium. This project is consistently sent to representatives of various religions, and the future outcome of human history will largely depend on their efficiency. Only the future can clarify how the heads and representatives of the world's faiths will react to this project and how long it will take to make any positive decisions on this calendar project. One thing is certain: the sooner and more effectively this peacekeeping project is implemented, the sooner the favorable situation on the planet will begin to stabilize. In the course of this Divine process, the True peacemaking forces and the irreconcilable, radical, and errant weed that has recently been infesting our modern world will begin to be determined.

Stating the above, it should be recognized that the popularization of the project "Neutral2006" with the prospect of future calendar reform will ensure the strengthening of religious tolerance and the early achievement of Universal peace. There is no doubt that this calendar is pleasing to God, and there is no other rational, peaceful way to achieve this universal goal. If representatives of the world's religions do not unite in time to implement this peacekeeping calendar project, then for this reason, the entire humanity will be doomed to severe, unpredictable trials and consequences. Nevertheless, calendar reform is predetermined and inevitable in the future, and a Neutral calendar, even at the project stage, will now begin to make our world more predictable and less vulnerable.

The background of the "Neutral2006" project is related to its author and is presented in this presentation to a wide range of readers, for the sake of objectivity of the topic under discussion.

The beginning of this project dates back to the summer of 1994, when I first learned about the historical mission of True Parents. The study of the foundations of world religions revealed kinship ties between all traditional religions, as well as the lack of a single consolidating platform between them. Aware of my responsibility, I began to systematically prepare and implement this peacekeeping project. Since the calendar theme is still relevant, it was decided to transfer the peacemaking potential of traditional religions and cultures of the world's peoples to a solid calendar basis. It took some time to learn the basics of world religions and calendar topics, and since the beginning of 2006, the Neutral calendar (while at the Amateur level) has started counting down its time.

The creative pseudonym - Adaam Svetlyi, symbolically reflects my attitude to the younger religions of the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve", that is, to the teachings of Dr. Moon and the Baha'i Faith, which literally means "Light" in Persian. Moon Seong Myung (1920-2012), known in the world as the restored Adam or True Father, and his spouse is the True Mother. Their Union represents the restored Adam and Eve or True Parents. This "cycle" acquired its complete form after I happened to get acquainted with the bahá'í faith, which was revealed to mankind by Bahá'u'lláh. Excerpt from Wikipedia; Bahá'u'lláh (1817-1892) is revered as the last of a series of "Appearances of God", which in addition to Bahá'u'lláh included Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster, Krishna, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, and Bab - (the forerunner of Bahá'u'lláh). Bahá'u'lláh foretold the next messenger of God, but not before the end of the Millennium, and bequeathed the followers of Bahá'í to listen to his word.

World religions were formed independently, but in the modern period of history, a fruitful interfaith dialogue is needed, mainly between the Universal House of Justice and the for Universal Peace Federation, which will serve as an important step to overcome interfaith barriers, as well as a positive example for the development of a full-scale dialogue with other world faiths. At this historical stage, it becomes clear that the well-being of the entire human civilization and the future life of our descendants depend on this dialogue. It is now the long-awaited time when representatives of different faiths, putting aside inappropriate differences, should reach out to each other with confidence, tolerance and solidarity, showing an example of peace. This is reflected in the teachings of Baha'u'llah and the Reverend Moon in their appeal to religious tolerance and Universal Peace.

There are people who believe that the religion they profess is the priority and only true, and the rest are wrong or secondary. Among representatives of individual religions, sometimes there is an opinion that the world should be dominated by their only, separately taken religion or culture. However, such thinking is the main cause of all inter-religious conflicts, and this problem is no less relevant than nationalism, racism, etc... Every year, crimes occur on inter-religious grounds that claim many lives of absolutely innocent people. So what are the root causes of these disasters, and how can this situation be fundamentally reversed? This is where the peacemaking project "Neutral2006" comes to the rescue and the visual table of the Historical cycle of Adam and Eve, which clearly shows the chronological sequence of related religions, when the next new religion comes, thus complementing our spiritual world. Just as the various elements of our physical world are inseparable from one another, that is, the earth, and water, and the air, and the moon, and the sun are necessary for the physical life of a person, so the spiritual Holy Elements in the form of creeds, that is, the Holy The Earth, and Holy Water, and the Holy Sky on which the Holy Moon, Holy Clouds and the Holy Sun are unthinkable without each other and are necessary for a harmonious, spiritual - moral life of mankind. The Creator gave people much of his bounty, but in the history of God's Providence, humanity is assigned a certain share of responsibility, which we need to cope with on our own. In the current period of history, it is important for representatives of world faiths to recognize that only joint efforts can cope with threats, including environmental, socio - economic, epidemiological and many others. It is naive to believe that in the conditions of disunity of the world's religions, such problems can be solved on their own, alone, without universal coordinated interaction. In the new Millennium, we are simply forced to establish favorable conditions for interfaith relations, harmony and multicultural solidarity. This is another test that humanity must definitely overcome on the way to the formation of the Universal Peace and Divine world order, which in turn is the single, universal goal of all mankind.

The history of mankind is a series of various military conflicts, often on religious grounds. It is no secret that many innocent people suffer and die every year for religious reasons. There is no mutual understanding not only between faiths, but also between their various directions, for example, between Shiites and Sunnis in Islam or between different directions in Christianity. The situation is getting worse in all spheres of human life, in the environment, in the economy, in medicine, which, as it turned out, is not able to control the spread of various types of viruses in the conditions of disunity of States, and this is a global problem. These and many other related circumstances raise the question of the well-being and survival of human civilization in the current situation. But at this difficult moment in our history, there is also a hopeful factor that the "Neutral2006" peace project brings - it is a preaching of a culture of religious tolerance, the significance of which requires an objective understanding. Mentioning the instructive history of the biblical brothers-Cain and Abel, the culture of toleration should be formed in sequence from the older religions to the younger creeds in historical terms. For the sake of the well-being of future generations, it is necessary to take these important steps towards each other, which will give an appropriate impetus to the establishment of full-scale interfaith harmony in the world. The Universal House of Justice in relation to the Universal Peace Federation , Islam in relation to Baha'i, Christianity in relation to Islam, Judaism in relation to Christianity, and accordingly other world confessions. Thanks to this approach, there may be prerequisites for establishing a favorable atmosphere of interfaith relations. Now that the sequence of the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve" is complete, there is hope that the culture of toleration in our modern society will begin to develop more rapidly. The "Neutral2006" project is designed to fully contribute to achieving this goal.

Achieving Universal Peace between representatives of different religions and cultures will occur through the introduction of a Neutral calendar

According to the solar calendar, the third Millennium has begun, and every sane person asks the question: what kind of life on the planet awaits his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and their descendants? A reasonable person will wish all future generations to live in a safe and prosperous society with a high standard of living, a clean environment and humane laws. Modern, conscious people should hope and believe that after a certain time on Earth will be established just such a way of life, which will be called the Divine world order. In order for this to happen in the future, two essential conditions are necessary, namely, the observance of a culture of toleration, as well as a harmonious combination of science and religion. These are the conditions without which a spiritual and moral crisis will arise on Earth, which will lead humanity to a global catastrophe. In order not to bring the situation on the planet to a critical point of no return, it is necessary to act prudently. On the surface, the main question remains: what methods and actions are possible to avoid global chaos? Supporters of a Neutral calendar are sure that the peacekeeping calendar project Neutral2006, which is offered for public viewing, will help solve this crucial issue. Supporters of a Neutral calendar are people of different races, all nationalities, faiths, ages and social status who are United by the desire to achieve a Universal peace on the planet. The activities of supporters of the NC are mainly aimed at popularizing the NC and strengthening through this process, the culture of religious tolerance throughout the modern world.

About the significance of the Neutral calendar for the future well-being of all mankind, that is, our descendants

In addition to the fact that the Neutral calendar project contains environmental and socio – economic potential, its priority aspect a peacekeeping mission. This is connected with the name of the 12 months of the NC, which are dedicated to the Central personalities of the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve" and thinkers of antiquity (a similar approach, with the names of famous figures of the past, was already used in the project of the calendar of Auguste Conte). The Neutral 2006 project, in truth and in essence, is an international calendar that will become an achievement and a stronghold of universal values.

In our enlightened time, even schoolchildren know that the birth of human civilization is not one million years, and the formation of the solar system and its planets is not one billion years. So why is the biblical creation of the world, which occurred about six thousand years ago (according to the biblical chronology) to this day is at the forefront of all the Abrahamic creeds? This is because this text hides the Divine plan and secret of the Creator's Providence, as well As his intention for the future of humanity as the crown of creation. The course of history is known to the Lord God and His Messengers, but it was not possible to convey this to the minds of ordinary believers of that time. The secret always becomes apparent over time, and for a centuries-old, world-creating process, the best way to state the true purpose of the conduct in a secret way justifies itself. The "historical cycle of Adam and Eve" would not have had its full form if it had not been illuminated by The Baha'i creed. This peaceful creed was given to mankind by bahá'u'lláh, in the middle of the nineteenth century. The personality of Baba, who is the Forerunner of Baha'u'llah, is compared by followers of the Baha'i creed with the personality of John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus Christ, with the difference that this is another level of the "Historical cycle" - "Holy water in Heaven", that is, clouds. As stated in the Holy Scripture - the Book of Genesis, God separated water from water and called the firmament in the middle of the water heaven. (Bab forerunner in 1850, for his sermons was executed by the authorities). In his writings, Bahá'u'lláh says: "I have come into the shadow of the clouds of glory and am endowed by God with an invincible dominion". He explains that every Messenger of God comes to people with a specific mission, illuminating humanity with the Sun of Truth. One of the statements of Bahá'u'lláh sounds like this: "the Earth is one country, and humanity is its citizens". Sooner or later, something like this must happen on planet Earth.

The Baha'i world center is located in Haifa. In many countries, beautiful bahá'í temples rise, and in the Holy Land, on the slope of mount Carmel, stands the graceful "house of Justice", which is the world focal point of the community. Excerpt from Wikipedia: "UNESCO has listed the Baha'i world center in the world heritage register. Thus, the Baha'i gardens in Haifa and Badji became the first places of interest in the UNESCO register that are associated with religious traditions that arose in the modern period of history."The international Baha'i community is recognized by the UN as a non-governmental organization with consultative status. It is accredited by the UN Economic and Social Council and the international organization for children, UNICEF, and cooperates with these organizations in many areas. As you know, this world religion professes the fundamental principles of faith and has its own traditional calendar."

The table of the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve" allows you to objectively look at the sequence of God's Providence of restoration, explaining how after the fall of the biblical progenitors of mankind-Adam and Eve, the efforts of God's Messengers erected a "Spiritual world" consisting of traditional creeds. Here is the Holy Land, and the Holy water on earth, and the Holy sky on which the Holy Moon, and the Holy Clouds, and the Holy Sun of Truth are erected. The culmination of the Divine process was the appearance of the restored Adam and Eve, that is, the True Parents. At the center of Reverend Moon's creed are family values in the Divine manner. About Dr. Moon's creed, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia, a free encyclopedia. "The book of the Divine Principle is an unprecedented new worldview, a new cosmology, a new view of life, a new view of Providence and history. It is an integrated principle that includes all religions, doctrines, and philosophies, while preserving the unique characteristics of each of them." Addressing humanity, Reverend Moon predicted that the root causes of the impending problems that will occur in the third Millennium lie in the disunity of the world's religions, and the roots of these problems should be found in this context. Doing everything possible to overcome the barriers between religions, Dr. Moon says in his addresses to the world: "God does not see differences between denominations and does not participate in minor disputes about a particular doctrine. The great heart of God does not distinguish between people by nationality and race, and for it there are no borders between States and cultures." The contribution of this outstanding Man to the peace process on the planet has yet to be studied in the future. For his beliefs, Dr. Moon was subjected to severe tests, was in a concentration camp, and narrowly escaped death. It is well known that the fate of all God's messengers was littered with various kinds of attacks, and as is the case with people of this level, Reverend Moon also had plenty of detractors in his life, but he remained faithful to God and his mission. Together with their spouse, Mrs. Moon, they have steadfastly passed their life path as the restored Adam and Eve, and have become known in the world as True Parents (the first and second month of NC, dedicated to this Union). Thanks to the possibilities of Internet resources, you can learn more about the peacekeeping activities of Reverend Moon, as well as the Federations that He founded in the name of strengthening peace on the planet. Excerpt from Wikipedia; " the Federation for universal peace is a non-governmental organization formed by Moon Seong Myung in 2005 in new York, with consultative status in the UN ECOSOC. The organization is known for its international League of peace ambassadors of 100,000 dignitaries around the world who are in search of genuine peace and universal spiritual prosperity. According to the official UN website, the Federation for universal peace is a global Union of organizations and individuals dedicated to building a world of peace in which all people, without exception, can live in freedom and harmonious coexistence. The Federation for universal peace conducts middle East peace initiatives aimed at reconciling Jews, Christians, and Muslims. In 1975, Moon Song Myung created the international Fund for aid and friendship, a Foundation that conducts programs to implement the Millennium Goals in the middle East, Haiti, and African countries. In 1992, Ms. Moon founded an affiliated organization, the Federation of women for world peace, and toured many countries."

If you look at the history of Providence from the standpoint of common sense, the very fact of the fall of the biblical progenitors of mankind, logically implies a Divine process of spiritual restoration. The content of the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve" makes it possible to objectively comprehend the world-creating purpose of related traditional religions in their historical relationship. In this sense, they are inseparable from each other, and are the result of God's Providence. In the rituals of the Abrahamic creeds, you can see a certain sequence of creation of the Spiritual world, reflecting the creation of the biblical material world, in the direction from the Earth to the Sun. Using a secret approach, it is possible to understand how it is possible to split the moon with a saber, throwing its halves over the mountain (one of the beliefs that has been preserved in Islam). Allegorically, this may mean that the mission of raising the "spiritual world" to the level of a minor luminary, that is, the "Holy Moon in the Sky", was overcome by the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings Be upon him). A person initiated into Islam can see in the rituals of the true creed a spiritual sequence, from the "Holy land", "Holy water" to the "Holy sky". After all, it is not just for a believer to do ablution with water before prayer, but in the absence of water, purification with clean earth and sand. But most of all, the Prophet pointed out to the believers the purity of the human heart. It is well known that the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon Him) defined his mission as the service of Allah, calling people to worship the Creator, without exalting the name of the Prophet himself, using the title "Abdallah - Rasul Allah", which literally means "Servant of Allah and his Messenger". The eighth month of the year - "Abdallah" is dedicated to the Holy title of the Prophet Muhammad in the Neutral calendar.

Asterisks on the calendar (gadget) indicate holidays and significant days in a neutral style. For example, Christmas falls on December 31 (Zoroaster), that is, exactly between the Catholic and Orthodox. The question of the date of the celebration of Christmas, between the representatives of different churches remains open today, and it is logical to celebrate this event, of course, 31 December, on the Eve of New year i.e. new year from Christmas. The historical mission of the calendar project is to encourage representatives of world faiths to engage in constructive dialogue and form the future Divine world order predicted in the Scriptures. Traditional world religions are brothers of the same family, only different in historical age and other characteristics, but living in the same house that God created for us. So in the third Millennium, between these brothers, it is necessary to find a compromise in order to achieve a Divine world order and establish a civilized life on Earth. The calendar project-Neutral2006, being a neutral platform for dialogue between representatives of various world faiths, it is called upon to contribute to this peace process on the planet.

Analyzing the visual table of the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve", the history of God's Providence is gradually revealed, from the position of the past, present and future time. Using this visual table, you can consistently understand some of the features of the discussed cycle.

Harmony between science and religion in the third Millennium

The harmony of science and religion can be compared to the harmony of the human soul and body. The Baha'i doctrine clearly States the harmony between science and religion, as well as the elimination of various prejudices that hinder the progress of mankind. The stumbling block in the issue of calendar reform in favor of new projects is the violation of the constant continuity of the week at the end of each calendar year. This is mainly due to the biblical account of the six-day creation of the world and other established age-old traditions. This issue has already been raised at the level of the Ecumenical Council, but the question was postponed with the wording: "If there are serious reasons for reform, motivated by the requirements of the economic and social life of the peoples of the world, the Catholic Church will not put obstacles [to reform]. However, it is further explained that the Church does not object only to such projects of the calendar, in which the seven-day week is preserved with a continuous count of days and "the sequence of weeks is not violated... unless very solid reasons suddenly appear, about which the Apostolic Council will have a judgment". Judging by the current situation in the world, such "very good reasons" arose at the beginning of the third Millennium. I would like to believe that in the near future, representatives of traditional world faiths will still come to a consensus on the introduction of an updated universal calendar, in the name of the common good. In this issue, a compromise between representatives of the scientific world and religious figures can be very useful.

In contrast to religion, scientific atheism denies the existence of God, although many modern and past scholars have assumed the existence of a universal God as the Supreme mind. We must admit that there is no comprehensive answer to this question at the present time, and the disharmony between science and religion persists to this day. Discussing this topic, we must say that in the new Millennium, the harmony between science and religion must reach its apogee, as a law of Divine Providence, since the Creator owns both the spiritual and physical world. Man himself, being the totality of these two worlds, should strive for harmony of his soul, with his body. .

So why does the disharmony between science and religion persist? By treating individual biblical texts literally, there is a confrontation between science and religion? In this regard, it is necessary to interpret the innermost meaning of the biblical texts in detail, so that they acquire a clear and understandable meaning for modern man. Modern man finds it hard to believe that six thousand years ago, the biblical Adam was created by God from the dust of the earth, and Eve from the rib taken from Adam. This message, which has come down to us from the depths of centuries, has a hidden purposeful meaning. For example, "the tree of knowledge of good and evil", can not be a material tree in the literal sense. From the standpoint of common sense, this may mean that humanity had to overcome the history of knowledge of good and evil, on the way to achieving the Divine world order, personifying the "tree of life". In Jesus ' walk on water and ascension on a cloud, there is also a hidden meaning that speaks of victory on the next spiritual level and the further history of God's Providence. For example, the moon, which according to legend, the Messenger of Allah (Peace and blessings Be upon him) cut with a sword, also represents a spiritual victory won at the appropriate spiritual level. These and many other allegorical phrases have a hidden, spiritual meaning, accessible to the consciousness of modern man. This kind of feature clarifies the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve."

The historical path of "knowledge of good and evil" is beginning to end in a planned manner, and is in the stage of transition to the "Divine world order". This difficult long period of "knowledge of good and evil" was inevitably to be overcome by mankind in order to eventually achieve the Divine world order as the tree of life. The entire world around us is originally God's, and given to man for civilized use.It is paradoxical, but the rise of scientific and technological progress is provoked to a certain extent by military conflicts, this is reasonable, but everything needs a limit up to a certain time. There is a historical period when the achievements of scientific and technological progress should be turned to peaceful purposes, that is, to improve the environment, health, education and many other aspects of human life. Representatives of world religions, as teachers of spirituality, should take responsibility for the well-being of the planet, which God created for the universal, harmonious coexistence of peoples. Now that the confessions of the "cycle" under discussion have been formed historically, it is time for a thorough discussion of the urgent topic of inter-confessional relations. From the point of view of today, it becomes obvious that without a purposeful movement in this direction, in the near future humanity is threatened with spiritual and moral chaos, with all the ensuing consequences. In essence, the current situation in the world is a consequence of a lack of spirituality, while every world creed interprets the priority of spiritual values over material ones. If life teaches each person individually, then history should teach all mankind as a whole. In order to understand this, you do not need to be a visionary, just listen, take a closer look and objectively comprehend the historical reality of events taking place in the world. If life teaches each person individually, then history teaches all of humanity as a whole. NC supporters believe that together, through the joint efforts of the world's faiths, it is possible to heal and preserve our planet for our descendants. The calendar peacekeeping project-Neutral2006, is designed to comprehensively contribute to the achievement of these goals, moreover, it is the key to their solution.

Environmental aspect of a Neutral calendar

First of all, the Neutral2006 project addresses the solution of environmental problems related to the green cover of the Earth. For the production of various calendars and paper for all sorts of recalculations related to the asymmetry of the current Gregorian calendar, a myriad of forests – the "lungs" of our planet-are being destroyed. This forest is then used for processing the pulp and paper industry, one of the most environmentally harmful industries. Everything that concerns the green cover of the Earth also concerns the animals that live in forest areas and are directly dependent on forest conditions, and then there are many other consequences in a single ecological system. The uniqueness of the Neutral calendar is that it remains unchanged from year to year, and does not require additional destruction of the forest for the production of pulp. Some attention has been paid to environmental issues in the third Millennium, as evidenced by the Paris inter-state climate agreements reached in 2015, but this is only a drop in the bucket for a global scale. Work in this direction continues to this day, but not at the pace necessary to solve our universal problems.

Socio-economic aspect of a Neutral calendar (F. S. Zavelsky " Time and its measurement»)

"The disadvantages of the modern Gregorian calendar are not in its inaccuracy and not in the system of leap, but in the imperfection of its internal structure:

a) The days of the week are not consistent with the number of months, both in different years and within one year, not to mention the longer periods of time;

b) Half-years, quarters, months contain various number of days: half-years - 181, 182, 184; quarters - 90, 91, 92; months - 28, 29, 30, 31 days that brings the mass of inconveniences to economic calculations and planning;

с) Weeks alternate regardless of the duration and number of the month, hence the presence in the months of the so-called "split weeks»;

d) The beginning of different months falls on different and unstable days of the week. Because of this, the number of working days varies in different months of one year and in the same months of the following years (from 24 to 27), and holidays move ("slide") on all days of the week, which necessitates government orders to postpone the weekend.

The General consequence of such imperfect internal structure of the modern Gregorian calendar are burdensome inconvenience in the planning and statistics monthly products, in the preparation of schedules and schedules (e.g., traffic classes in universities, etc.) that are violated at the end of the months that contain more or less than 30 days. All this explains the emergence (in the first half of the XIX century.) the idea of reform of the Gregorian calendar as a radical way to eliminate its main shortcomings. Speaking about its reform (for several centuries), we do not mean a change in the type of calendar or the introduction of new methods of counting leap years. We are talking exclusively about the rearrangement of days in the year, in which the length of months, quarters and half-years would be relatively proportional, and the New year came on the same day of the week, for example, on Sunday. It should be noted that for the convenience of users, it is preferable to enter a Neutral calendar in the year that starts on Sunday, and is paramount in countries that have a neutral status.

The United Nations has already considered many calendar projects, the best of which was the Y2K-Millennium project, which was provided by the world calendar Association (TWCA - Kansas). The Federation of the Neutral calendar, which is similar in its goals, is preparing to present an alternative project to the UN experts, in which months, quarters and half-years are proportional, and a constant day of the week is fixed for each day of the year. The project Neutral2006 can be considered an improved Gregorian calendar that is acceptable to the forthcoming reform of the calendar. At the Amateur level, the Neutral calendar is active since 2006 (the first year of the III Millennium, which begins (!) and ends on Sunday). Neutral calendar is counting down, as well as Gregorian calendar, from the beginning of our era (details in the section parameters NC).

Speaking about calendar reform, it should be emphasized that we are not talking about the abolition of any of the existing traditional calendars. Supporters of a Neutral calendar advocate the use of age-old traditional calendars, whether Jewish, Gregorian, Julian, lunar Muslim, Buddhist, Zoroastrian, Baha'i (Badi) calendar and many other calendars that are used for personal religious events. This is the initial position of the Federation and supporters of a NC, respectively.We are talking about the use of an international, neutral system of chronology in civil society.

A neutral calendar, as a result of the historical process

Returning to the project Neutral2006 I must say that it is a logical consequence of the "Historical cycle of Adam and Eve", plus the result of centuries of experience, without which it would be impossible to achieve the proper parameters. It is naive to assume that a full-scale reform, the matter of the near future, but the fact of popularization of the Neutral calendar, even in the form of a project, is already beginning to make our world more secure and predictable. Work on the implementation of this project will be correctly regarded as collective work aimed at the benefit of peace and prosperity of all peoples of the Earth.

Calendar topics have been discussed for decades, and many individuals have participated in this process, but the leader of the calendar movement can rightly be considered Elizabeth Achelis (1880-1973), who devoted her life to promoting calendar reform in favor of the world calendar (in its current form - the Y2K project). The contribution of this master of his craft is difficult to overestimate. In this sense, each participant in the calendar movement can rightfully consider himself the successor of the Elizabeth Achelis case. The "Y2K" project is the basic one for "Neutral2006", so the second one can be considered an upgraded version of the first one. It is hoped that the joint efforts of the NCF and TWCA will lead to the implementation of the calendar reform, which will require joint consultations, promising real fruitful cooperation.

"Y2K" is the base for the "Neutral2006" project, so the second one can be considered an upgraded version of the first one. A version is possible in which the classic name of months is applied to the structure of the Neutral2006 project, but this will completely eliminate the entire peacekeeping basis. Calendar reform is inevitable, and if You are not indifferent to this upcoming event, then write to us which of the discussed projects (see the parameters of the tax code) is acceptable in your opinion and can become the world calendar of the upcoming new era.

Who are they - Supporters of a Neutral calendar?

The online community Of supporters of the Neutral calendar unites caring, sane people, regardless of their religion, nationality and race, who strive for a balanced divine world order. An important and responsible step to achieve the Divine world order is the popularization of the Neutral calendar throughout the world, followed by calendar reform.

The slogan of the NC supporters can be expressed in the following words - "Culture of religious tolerance, Harmony between science and religion, Universal Peace", as a universal goal of humanity originally ordained from above.

What does the progression of the "Neutral calendar" mean?

To help progress, it is enough to download the universal calendar gadget that is available on our website to the desktop of your computer (in the future, various versions for smartphones and other mobile applications will be implemented). Help install this calendar for your family, friends and acquaintances who are not indifferent to the fate of the planet and our descendants. The progression you created is proportional to Your personal contribution to the cause of peace on the planet and the formation of the Divine world order! Active NC supporters prefer to promote progression on a permanent basis, since the Neutral2006 project openly calls for tolerance and peace. All attempts to restrain this process should be regarded as an obstacle to the cause of peace on Earth, and therefore an obstacle to the will of God. There is no doubt that the number of supporters of the NC will grow rapidly, since peacekeeping is a matter that is pleasing to God, requires unconditional attention! In the current Millennium, people must learn to live in a culture of religious tolerance, and this is the only rational way that has been ordained from above. In our world, there is no other way to achieve a Divine world order. The main activity of the NC supporters is to promote the Neutral calendar, which is essentially an Ambassador and Teacher of the Peace, which turns people's eyes to God – the True Creator of the Universe!

All questions, suggestions and consultations can be received by e-mail specified below.

Thanks to the participation and support of Jof a Neutral calendar supporters, the Neutral2006 project continues to gain popularity and progress in successive steps, thereby bringing closer the Divine world order that modern society is in the lead-up to.

Write to us, E-mail: neutracalendar@mail.ru or adaamsvetlyi@gmail.com




The main reasons and arguments for holding the calendar reform    Materials from authoritative sources, one of which is the second edition of the book “Eternal calendars”by A.V. Butkevich and M. S. Zelikson, will be able to tell you about



Neutral calendar – a call for religion tolerance and harmony between science and religion, in the name of achieving Universal Peace on the planet!   This section is dedicated to the name of the 12 months of the Neutral calendar,



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